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The newest and most exciting fish to our lake is the walleye. They are not native to Lake Clear but, were introduced a few years ago as part of a lake trout management strategy. During that time they have adapted well to our lake and have become one of our most popular species. Special conservation restrictions apply to our walleye population with a 20 inch minimum size limit and a two fish limit being strongly enforced. (The limit is one fish if you have a conservation fishing license)

Walleye are our most actively biting fish with good catches from the third Saturday in May opening day through to the winter. Fishing is best in the early morning and late evening. Quarter ounce jigs with nightcrawlers or scent bait are the most productive lures; but, when they are hitting hot they will hit a hang nail.

Because this species was intended to be a conservation fish we suggest that Lake Clear walleye anglers be prepared to do a lot of catch and release fishing. They are easily caught and a lot of fun, but, most will have to be released because of our special restrictions. Hey, that’s what most of us are into anyway

5 Facts About Walleye

  1. Walleye is the official fish of Ontario: Known for their fighting spirit and delectable taste, Walleye is a favourite among anglers and is recognized as the provincial fish of Ontario.

  2. Habitat and Distribution: Walleye are widely distributed across Ontario and can be found in various water bodies including lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. They prefer clear, cool, and moderately deep waters with rocky or sandy bottoms.

  3. Spawning Season: Walleye in Ontario typically spawn in the spring, when water temperatures reach between 6°C and 10°C. They often migrate to shallow, rocky areas or fast-flowing streams to lay their eggs.

  4. Diet: Walleye are primarily nocturnal feeders, with a diet consisting mainly of smaller fish like perch and minnows. However, they are opportunistic predators and will also eat insects, crayfish, and other small aquatic creatures.

  5. Size and Lifespan: The average size of a Walleye in Ontario is between 12 and 18 inches, but they can grow up to 31 inches and weigh as much as 10 pounds. They have a lifespan of about 10 to 20 years, with females generally living longer than males.
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